Big Screen Combat Of Samsung

In recent times, it has become extremely difficult for technology-based companies to make an impression in the present market. On Friday, the market shares of the legendary South Korean based technology giant Samsung Electronics dropped by almost 2.7-percent, in spite of blowout earnings achieved during the 3rd quarter that saw overall earnings of the company climb almost 91-percent as compared to the earnings recorded one year before.

Shareholders are responding pessimistically to the recent warning made by Samsung regarding intensifying competition in the market. Mobile communications business of Samsung makes up to almost in excess of half of the company’s total revenue generation. With an eye popping 4.8-inches wide display, the latest Galaxy S III developed from the South Korean Techno legend has been one among the top selling Smartphone devices in the whole world, and it has greatly assisted the company to turn out to be the frontrunner in the present market, when it comes to Smartphone sales.

Its attractive devices have assisted to offer flexibility to the market stock of the firm even after United States board of judges instructed the company to forfeit nearly $1.05-billion to the well-known Apple Inc in a copyright lawsuit that was held during August 2012. As a matter of fact, since then the market shares of Samsung has increased by nearly 0.9-percent, but the shares of Apple Inc have dropped by almost 8.1-percent. The firm is also greatly benefited from being a prominent supplier of constituents to Apple, and many other companies.

However, trend is fleeting, particularly for the new advanced gadgets. At present, a new hot product does not assure of substantial success in the near future. For instance, the new Smartphone devices built by HTC, a key competitor to Samsung, have literally sold like hot cakes during last fiscal year, but at present have completely fallen in great trouble. The overall revenue of HTC has dropped by nearly 48-percent during the 3rd quarter of 2012, as compared to the revenue that was recorded one year earlier.

For devices like the one developed from Samsung Electronics that operate on Google Inc’s advanced Android OS, the one and only means to distinguish is through design and hardware. Samsung has completed that mostly by developing Smartphone devices with comparatively bigger screen sizes. As competitor phones are getting bigger, and tablets getting slightly smaller, gizmos of Samsung have started to appear less distinct.

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