Organizational Capacity Building

The Women’s Learning Partnership aims to achieve widespread, sustainable change through cooperation with partner organizations.

WLP activities strengthen the capacity of partners and other groups in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, who in turn mobilize hundreds of local organizations, who in turn train thousands of grassroots community members to be strong, motivated advocates for change.

women’s learning partnership

WLP provides multidimensional and flexible capacity building, supporting partners to build strong, sustainable organizations.

We enable partner organizations to develop the skills and access the resources, curriculum and technological tools they need to implement trainings in leadership and empowerment and ICTs.

We connect partner organizations with international social justice networks and support their efforts to build regional networks to advance women’s rights.

In order to increase the visibility of our partners’ work, we support partner campaigns, organize events, and publicize partner activities through our website, eNews, and media outlets.

We also continually develop new curriculum on organizational capacity building that addresses organizational development, program evaluation, and innovative forms of training delivery.

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